Molded leather handbags

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The Pyramid Bag is one of kind. Both front and back sides both include the eye catching pyramid design and are made of molded leather pieces reinforced with a stabilizer to maintain the light weight while protecting the integrity of each individual pyramid.

This bag is hand-stitched using black waxed nylon thread and hand-dyed in a unique deep red–almost purple–hue. Long chain strap feeds through four, large metal eyelets. Bag closes with one interior flap that is secured with a magnet.

Height: 12.5″
Length: 17″
Width: 4″
Strap Length: 37″

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Sculpted leather clutch resembles tree bark and closes with a wrap-around strap that keeps your belongings secure when under your arm and a Chicago screw secures the strap in place. The lining is 100% pig suede adding an extra touch of luxury to this clutch.

Height: 4.5″
Length: 14″
Width: 5″
Wrap closure: 43″


This bag is a perfect companion for any artist–male or female–as a portfolio case. The front pocket is molded leather and snugly holds your most valuable portfolio asset, your iPad. ┬áThe detachable strap allows you to carry the bag over your shoulder or under your arm.

This bag is also particularly useful while traveling. Simply put it into a larger carry-on and before taking a seat, place it in the seat-back pocket. It holds everything you need to occupy your time during a long flight.

Length: 9″
Width: 1.5″