Burning and Melting Fabric

What is it?

Changing the surface texture of fabric using a heat gun and quick even movements.

Why it’s awesome:

You can create amazing bubbled effects on synthetic fabrics or scorched and burned patterns on natural fabrics.

But, as always, do a few samples. Some fabrics melt quickly while others take a few minutes. Experiment before beginning a larger piece.


  • Fabric: synthetic and natural
  • Heat resistant surface like granite or concrete
  • Heat gun
  • Heavy leather gloves to protect your hands
  • Fire extinguisher

The process:

  1. Lay out your fabric on a heat resistant surface like granite. Make sure to keep a fire extinguisher handy, just in case.
  2. Slowly and evenly draw the heat gun across the surface of the fabric.
  3. Vary the distance between the heat gun and fabric for different results.
  4. Allow the fabric to cool completely before touching it.


Check out this video to see a quick tutorial:

2 comments on “Burning and Melting Fabric”

  1. What brand of heat gun do you recommend to heat/manipulate nylon fabric?

  2. Isla says:

    I was just wondering how (if possible) I can reverse the effects of a fabric that has slightly melted – it’s a satin fabric and has almost turned into a lettuce hem unintentionally. Any advice would be great!

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