Cover-imageSurface Design for Fabric is a comprehensive, how-to guide to more than 60 surface design techniques for various fabrics and leather—ranging from the traditional to the experimental. Highly illustrated with · more than 850 color images, the step-by-step instructions and photographs demonstrate surface design techniques, allowing readers to quickly grasp the material and further explore and experiment on their own. Irwin covers a broad range of surface design techniques including: dyeing, staining, removing color, resists, printing and transfer, fiber manipulation, fabric manipulations, embroidery, and embellishments.

Each chapter begins with a brief description and historical overview of the technique, and includes a fabric selection quick guide, tools and materials, how to set up your workspace, application methods and safety guidelines for each technique. Photographs and designer biographies showcase surface design techniques used in real-world designs. The final chapter offers advice on how to combine techniques to create commercial and avant-garde surface design. This modern studio resource clearly guides readers in the creation of beautiful, innovative, and professional surface designs.

Key Features
~ Video Tutorials featuring select techniques from the text
Designer Profiles and Collection Spotlights show current examples of surface design uses in fashion design, textile art, and interior design
~ Step-by-step visual instructions, fabric quick guide keys, application methods, tools and materials, and safety tips for each technique plus helpful hints, important facts, shortcuts and mistakes to avoid throughout chapters
~ Includes helpful hints, important facts, shortcuts and mistakes to avoid throughout chapters
~ Presented in a spiral binding for easy, stay-flat use in a studio environment

Instructor’s Resources
~ Instructor’s Guide and Test Bank

Table Of Contents

Chapter 1: Dyeing and Staining Fabric
Chapter 2: Discharging Color and Using Resists
Chapter 2: Transfer and Printing
Chapter 3: Fiber Manipulation
Chapter 4: Fabric Manipulation
Chapter 5: Embroidery
Chapter 6: Embellishment
Chapter 7: Combining Techniques


“The highly visual quality with many images is a wonderful aspect. The students who choose to pursue these techniques are likely visual learners, who will appreciate the extensive visual documentation of techniques.” –  Marcia Weiss, Philadelphia University, US,

“There is a need for a text that easily presents basic methods to students in an easy to follow textbook.” –  Jason Bunin, Savannah College of Art and Design – Atlanta, US,

“A truly comprehensive guide of this sort—basic-level on many different topics—would be immensely useful to students as they are both beginning their textile education in surface design-relative courses, as well as provide an excellent resource for when they leave school.” –  Aaron McIntosh, Maryland Institute College of Art, US,

“[This book is] a helpful guide for students. It is clearly written with a thorough understanding of technique and aimed at students/novices. It’s well organized and covers a wide range of applications.” –  Susanne Goetz, FIT, US,

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