Applying Fiber Etch

Fiber Etch

Fiber etch is also known as burn out or devore. Fiber etch is the brand name of the chemical used to remove the fibers from the surface of fabric.

(Watch this video for a detailed introduction and then scroll down to see a video showing you how to apply fiber etch.

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What it does:

It eats away at the cellulose fibers (cotton, linen, hemp) of a fabric leaving the protein (wool, silk) and synthetic fibers (polyester, spandex, lycra) untouched.

Why it’s used:

When used in mixed fiber knits it creates sheerness in the area it’s applied and on velvet is removes the pile.

It can be very hard to predict the results of fiber etch, so ALWAYS do a test before moving on to a larger piece of fabric.

How to apply it:

Use a paintbrush, stamp, stencil, screen or even monoprint

The process:

  1. Apply fiber etch
  2. Allow to dry either overnight or with the assistance of a hair dryer
  3. Iron with a hot iron until the areas where the fiber etch is applied turn a caramel color and begin to flake off.
  4. Rinse fabric to return it to its original hand and remove and access fiber etch

Check out this video to see fiber etch in action:

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